2020/21 Prizm Choice Basketball 20 Box Factory Sealed Case

2020/21 Prizm Choice Basketball 20 Box Factory Sealed Case

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2020/21 Panini Prizm Basketball Choice Box

Configuration: 20 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 8 cards per pack.

- Prizm is back and better than ever with a highly anticipated draft class! On average, each Choice box delivers 1 Autograph, 2 Silver Prizms, 3 Prizms Blue Yellow and Green, and 2 other prizms!
- Look for the Tiger Stripe, Green, Nebula and many more Choice Exclusive prizm parallels! Find the top players from around the league including the top names for the 2020 draft class!
- Find autographs of top NBA Players including Zion Williamson, Ja Morant, Stephen Curry, Trae Young and more in Prizm Signatures! Look for a variety of parallels including the Choice Green parallel (#’d/8)!
- Prizm presents one of the top collecting experiences of the year! Look for a 300-card base set that covers all 30 teams!


- 1 Autograph
- 2 Silver Prizms
- 3 Blue Yellow And Green Prizms
- 2 Other Prizms


- Prizm Choice is back for another strong year with an incredible selection of parallel content! Look for the Choice Exclusive Tiger Stripe, Choice Green, and the 1-of-1 Nebula Prizm Parallels!
- Look for an incredible selection of autograph content in Prizm this year! Find autographs of your favoriteplayers including Anthony Davis, Trae Young and more! Find parallels numbered to as low as 8!