2021 Historic Autographs Famous Americans Blaster Box

2021 Historic Autographs Famous Americans Blaster Box

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As our country continuously changes, the way we look back at the men and women who helped build this great nation also changes. Historic Autographs Famous American cards make some famous people new again and reintroduce once-famous Americans, including people who may have been overlooked or undervalued because of their race, gender or ideas. Our Famous Americans list is vast with 330 cards in the set (the last 110 cards are all SSP), so we include something for every collector!

Historic Autographs and Card Company is the industry leader in historically-based cards and we continue to provide education and diversity within the trading card industry. The current climate of the hobby has changed, as companies race to get out as many products as possible, as fast as possible, but we continue to follow our own
path, navigating the difficult road created by shortages of paper, ink, plastics, etc. Materials costs have risen about 20% over the past year and yet we have kept our price point the same, in hopes that our collectors can continue to be entertained and find value in our products.

The 2021 HA Famous Americans series will have a very special feature, there is a “no purchase necessary” image puzzle embedded on 27 of the first 99 cards. Not all of the (27) embedded images help solve the puzzle, some are meant to mislead but the right combination of clues will point to one person in American history (who may or may not be in the set). The first person to solve the puzzle will receive the $10,000 prize money. Only one prize will be awarded and the winner must find
ALL the embedded that corresponds to the correct answer (guesses will not count). Because there is no purchase necessary, the contest will run for only 4 months.

The autographs available in our 2021 HA Famous Americans is strong with a wonderfully diverse selection of names including some very BIG HITS!

Prominent Historical Figures
Neil Armstrong
Amelia Earhart
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Washington Irving
and many more!

Harrison Ford
Audrey Hepburn
Christopher Reeve
John Candy
Natalie Wood
and many more!

Entertainers/Sports Legends
Frank Sinatra
Ty Cobb
Sammy Davis, Jr
Dean Martin
Mickey Mantle
and many more!

All parallel cards:
Base cards #221-330 (Super Short Print cards SSP) -- 1:20 packs
Printing Plates (each is 1/1) -- 1:97 packs
Aurora parallel -- cards 1:10 packs
Alloy parallel cards --2:3 packs
All Insert cards:
Movie Clip cards ---1:10 packs
Cut signature/Autograph cards --- 1:60 packs
Shoe/fabric cards --- 1:80 packs
Art Sketch Cards --- 1:640 packs
Employee’s Picks cards --- 1:80 packs
Historic DNA Hair cards --- 1:104 packs