2022 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Chrome 12 Hobby Box Factory Sealed Case

2022 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Chrome 12 Hobby Box Factory Sealed Case

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Garbage Pail Kids Chrome Hobby 12-Box Case (Topps 2022)

Releases: 12/23/2022

The always classic GPK Original Series 5 set gets a fresh coat of chrome with the release of 2022 Garbage Pail Kids Chrome!

Collect the Base Set consisting of Original Series 5 art, as well as all new art pieces of classic Garbage Pail Kids characters!

Look for Rare Artist Autograph Cards, C Name Variations, Exclusive Parallels and the Super Rare "No Blue Ink" Variations!


Base Set cards consists of A & B-Name gags from the GPK Original Series 5 set, as well as all-new A & B-Name art pieces featuring classic GPK characters!

Base Set Parallels:

  • Refractor Parallel 1:3 Packs
  • Green Refractor Parallel #'d to 299
  • Green Wave Refractor Parallel #'d to 299
  • Yellow Refractor Parallel #'d to 275
  • Yellow Wave Refractor Parallel #'d to 275
  • Purple Refractor Parallel #'d to 250
  • Purple Wave Refractor Parallel #'d to 250
  • Prism Refractor Parallel #'d to 199
  • Aqua Prism Refractor Parallel #'d to 199
  • X-Fractor Refractor Parallel #'d to 150
  • Black Wave Refractor Parallel #'d to 99 - HOBBY EXCLUSIVE!
  • Orange Refractor Parallel #'d 75
  • Rose Gold Refractor #'d to 25
  • Red Refractor Parallel #'d to 5 - HOBBY EXCLUSIVE!
  • SuperFractor Parallel #'d 1-of-1
  • Printing Plates #'d 1-of-1

    C-Name Variations: Pulling from Original Series 5 gags and also featuring all-new art pieces, look for these rare C-Name Variations!

    Base Set Artist Autograph Parallels: Look for these rare on card autograph from original GPK artists!

    No Blue Ink Variations: NEW! Oh No! 'Error cards' have made their way into packs. Feels like 1986 all over again! Look out for these extremely rare/limited cards!

    Configuration: 12 Boxes per Case, 24 Packs per Box, 4 Cards per Pack