Dominick, the owner and founder of Sports Card Zone, is a huge sports fan. Collecting sports cards and sport memorabilia began as a way to connect with his favorite teams and players. He started selling sports cards and other memorabilia in 2015 as a way to level the playing field and get quality cards for himself and his friends at a cheaper price. He realized that he could offer the best cards for a better price to other collectors. What was once a hobby has turned into a lucrative business venture, allowing him to continue to offer the best prices for sports cards, memorabilia, and gaming cards. 


Dominick started as a breaker, known as Sports Card Breaker on YouTube, in 2015. Looking to diversify and expand his business, he opened his physical and online shop Sports Card Zone in February of 2020.

Sports Card Zone’s expansion into the digital world allows for collectors all over the world to find cards for incredible deals. Sports Card Zone offers international shipping for their buyers across the globe.


Sports Card Zone is the best one stop shop for all buyers - collectors and investors alike. Sports Card Zone makes it easy for investors to resell. They have fast shipping and guaranteed results, making them an investor’s preferred and trusted card shop.

Sports Card Zone put their foot into the card selling door through breaking. For those interested in breaking, Sports Card Zone offers wholesale pricing and packages. As many distributors no longer accept new clients, in an effort to keep the industry tight-knit, Sports Card Zone is the solution. Buying wholesale has never been easier. Buy large volumes of cards at wholesale prices. For one-off sellers, Sports Card Zone’s consignment is a great option. Dominick knows buyers throughout the world and will make sure your cards are sold at top value.


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